Easy Ways To Treat Tricky Messes

Not all messes in the home can be cleaned off with a little soap and water. Some of them require extra special cleaning instruments and exotic cleaning chemicals. Or you can just go with some tried and true methods for getting rid of some tough stains and messes with common household items.

Sap Removal

Sap is ridiculously sticky. You can get syrup out most of the time with some water, but sap is another story, and it can be very difficult to remove it completely, that is, unless you use some peanut butter. Whether the sap is on your windshield, your hand or your clothes, just rolling some peanut butter on it is enough to make it easy to remove.

Oil Stains On Fabric

Olive oil doesn’t want to come out after it settles into fabric, but you can use a little trick to get it out. Just use a little cosmetic face powder on the stain and rub at it softly. You need to let it set for a couple of hours, but afterwards you can just push it right off. The powder will absorb the oil, but it may not always get the entirety of it. If some remains behind, just repeat the process. You can finish by putting the clothing into the wash and cleaning it like normal.

Pen On Upholstery

If someone writes on your microfiber sofa with a ballpoint pen, you don’t have to think of a way to cover it up. Instead, you can use hairspray to get it out. Spray the marks from about six inches away then blot at it with a dry cloth.

Marker On Wood

Permanent marker is a pain to get out of anywhere, but wood poses particularly difficult problems. You don’t have to fret though, as you can use toothpaste for the job. Make sure you are using pasty toothpaste and not the gel variety. Just rub the paste on the marks and wipe off everything with a dry towel or paper towel. You can actually use this same trick to fix up scratched CDs.

dirty mattressPee In A Mattress

Most people put waterproof mattress pad’s on their kids’ beds if they don’t want to deal with a pee-soaked mattress. But you may forget to do that or you just may not have the option. Don’t fret through, as this tip will help you get out the smell.

Use some distilled vinegar and soak the affected area. Let that vinegar sit for a few minutes, then blot at it with a damp towel. The mattress may not smell very nice right away, but that pee smell will go away much quicker, and the vinegar smell will wear off fast as well.

Temporary Tattoos

These not-so-permanent tattoos are a lot easier to get off than the real deal, but they can still be a pain. You just need to rub the area with baby oil though to get the tattoo off.

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Motivate Yourself For Daily House Cleaning

Very few people enjoy their housecleaning duties, but they need to get done anyhow. So how do you get yourself up and moving and stay motivated to get your chores done? Here are some great ways to find the incentive you need.

Split Up The Work

A big part of why many people fail to even start on the house cleaning duties they know they have to do is because there is simply too much of it for them to handle at once. So the trick to tackling it all is to divide it up. If you can split the work between the entire week, then you won’t have as much to do in one day.

You can make a schedule deciding what to work on each day. Save the bigger stuff for when you have more time, like on the weekends. Then just go through your checklist each day and make sure you are getting at least some work done on a daily basis. That way, when the weekend comes, and you have some free time to do the work, you won’t have nearly as much to deal with.

Get Distracted

Chores aren’t usually very fun, but you can get your mind off them by creating a distraction. You can turn on the radio or listen to some music to lighten your mood and lift your spirits. Some people turn on their phones and have conversation with their friends as they work by turning on the loudspeaker function.

Be careful about getting too distracted, however. You should leave the television and any other device off as they would require you to pay more attention to them than to your cleaning.

If you find you are easily distracted and that is what causes you to do very little housework, then you may need to limit your distractions as much as possible.

Some people will need to turn off their phones and shut down their PCs to keep from doing something other than the housework when their mind starts to wander.

Make A List

A big part of staying motivated is to feel like you are getting something done. A sense of accomplishment is what keeps us doing many of the things we do, and once you feel like you are making progress, you will want to keep making progress.

You can get that same feeling as you clean your house by making out a list of what you need to do. Put the high priority stuff and big, arduous tasks at the top of the list. Start with those and work your way down the list, checking off each item as you get it done. For many people, this is the best way to ensure that they actually finish what they start and don’t just stop halfway.

This is also a great resource.

If you find that you are not getting enough housework done, just try out some of these suggestions and see what you can accomplish. You might be surprised.

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Reduce Allergy Risks While Cleaning

Many people want to do more cleaning than they can, but they are stopped in their tracks by awful allergy symptoms. The watery eyes and runny nose and general feelings of fatigue can make it difficult to do the work you want to do, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can use these handy tips to cut down on the allergy symptoms you experience as you clean the parts of your home most affected by allergens.

Bathroom Allergen Reduction

The bathroom is probably the worst room in the house for allergy symptoms to manifest. You have the potential for mould in the showers and sinks, dust from the dryer, allergens in the carpeting and all sorts of other toxic substances that are part of ordinary bathroom problems.

The best way to cut down on all that is to use no carpet whatsoever. Instead, use a rubber bath mat, as it will repel water and dust. Next, try to keep your shower clean, regularly scrubbing off mould and mildew. If you clean it once a week, you will get rid of mould before it has a chance to really become a problem for you.

Cutting Back On Allergens In The Doorway

The entryway is another hot spot for allergens. In many houses, this is where people leave their shoes, and they wipe their feet on the mats as they come inside. This makes it a breeding ground for all sorts of irritants.

If you want to reduce dust, pollen and other allergens at the entryway, you can start with a shoe rack. This makes it easier to see what’s on the shoes and to keep them from spreading particles everywhere. You may also want to install a shoe cleaning station there as well. You can have people rinse off their shoes as they enter, for a much cleaner home.

The best way to deal with allergens though is to clean often. Knock the dust out of the mat regularly and ensure that you clean up all the particles that are spread throughout the doorway by sweeping regularly.

curtains dust mitesBedroom Cleanliness

We spend a lot of our time in the bedroom and particularly in the bed. But it can be one of the worst spots in the house for allergens. Dust is particularly a problem there, and you can deal with it by cleaning out your linens regularly. By washing your sheets, pillowcases and other linens, you can get rid of much of the dust that will cause you problems as you clean and sleep.

If you use hot water, you can kill dust mites before they have a chance to irritate you. Also be sure to clean your sheets at least once a week and clean everything, including the curtains, once a month.

You should clean under the bed as well. It is often overlooked, but it tends to house more dust than any other spot in the house. Cleaning there will alleviate many allergy symptoms you may not even realize you were experiencing.